Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghosts In Malaysia

Hi! My name is Khalid and I was raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Having lived in a modern city and well away from the rural 'kampungs', I was always very fascinated by stories of the supernatural each time I hear them from my relatives back in my father's hometown during the festive seasons in Tapah.

I guess all of us had heard quite a number of ghost stories but very few actually had, in fact, experienced them first hand.

I made this blog so that we can actually share some of the stories. But I don't think any of us want to hear just another story. So, I want to do this the scientific way and one of the rules of science is that we can achieve the same result after repeating the same experiment using the same methodology, each time.

So, I think you can guess what's coming at you. We need volunteers. As many as possible.

This is how its going to work:

1- I'm going to list down several selected haunted spots, after making some serious background check of a certain urban stories. It can be houses, roads, doors or even a doghouse, as long as there is the possibility of experiencing the supernatural that can be detected strictly by our FIVE senses; see, hear, feel, taste and touch.  (Please take note the number five(5))

2- Volunteers will have the honor to check it out if its true.

3- Then volunteers will be required to give me the details of their experiences, if any, and I will document them, get them posted here, especially how the they did it for the next batch of volunteers to try it out.

See? Its easy! I get the info, you guys experience it. Its simple. But before we start, here are some precautions;

DO NOT ATTEMPT VISITS ALONE. This is f*****g important. I've seen what happened to people who actually got themselves into tight spots trying to prove that they are not afraid of these things. Its not about being afraid, its what happens when you actually had an accident at the haunted spot, and usually its huge deserted empty spot, with a lot of opportunities for you to stumble on something and get seriously hurt and there's no one there to help you. Worse still, supernatural entities start showing up after that...

If you're going with friends, always tell someone else where and when you're going exactly. Just in case...

Please bring a camera, the best would be a video camera with infrared or negative capabilities. I'v seen a footage by someone, an amateur one showing something caught in a bottle (I'm going to find that footage and post it here later), and you can only see it in Negative mode. Try that.

The experience could be so terrifying, it will take years to get over it, sometimes you don't at all. Having that said, make sure you are in the pink of health so that you can run if you need to. And make sure you are not the kind that faints even upon seeing a cat jumping on a mouse. There's a lot of scarier things you will see and hear should you try 'A Visit' (that's what I call it).

I'll be posting a haunted spot for willing volunteers in a day or two. I already have one in mind, but I'm going to make sure the authenticity of the place because I really don't want anybody wasting his or her time.

Good Luck!

p.s.: Don't forget to bookmark this blog so that you can read updates later.


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  2. I've never heard a place so scary; I thought that the person who told me was actually just fooling around and telling Most Haunted Stories. Until I met someone who encountered 'something' sinister there, or I would rather say naughty, judging by what 'it' did not very long ago.