Sunday, February 6, 2011

Presint 18, Putrajaya

This one's pretty interesting. The one who told me about it is my colleague at work in Putrajaya (now I think you can guess my occupation). His experience is very interesting, as much as it is disturbing. He lives alone in a government quarters 18R8 Apartment in Precinct 18 (I'll give directions later).

This is not the first time I heard stories about this apartment. Ever since I've been around Putrajaya 3 years ago some really weird stories have been circulating revolving ghostly sightings, poltergeist phenomenon and other supernatural occurrence.

The first story I heard about this apartment was from a friend of mine who saw an apparition wandering around at night, and as early as 9 pm.

Then I heard about the swings at the children's playground beside the apartment moved on their own, as if there were kids playing them. And the people who saw it could differentiate the movements of the swings by strong winds or by some real weird force at times when there were no wind blowing at all.

But my colleague's story, for me, by far is the most disturbing one. The occurrences first started about a year ago. He went to bed one night and he woke up with his head on the wrong side of the bed. Well, it could have happened subconsciously right? So, he didn't think too much about it.

Then, some weeks later, it happened again. Only this time he woke up in a different room. Now, this started to get real weird. He knows he doesn't sleepwalk. And the door to his room was closed at the time he went to bed. And it was still closed when he woke up.

And then he heard later that these involuntary replacement during sleep also happened to his neighbours, and not only at his floor.

It happened again several times after that. But he just didn't mind it because to him, as long as he's not hurt by these incidents then it should be fine. Well, he hoped that whatever's been moving him about won't throw him off the window. And  its not like he's going to stay there forever.

So, if you decided to take on this apartment, I'll show you how to get there. Firstly, you can get to Putrajaya by either taking the PLUS highway southbound or take the Maju Expressway. Just follow the signboards to get to Putrajaya.

As you approach the city, you will find that the signboards will start showing directions to get to different Precints. Find Precints 2, 3 and/or 4. These three precints are found in one location.

When you get to Precint 2, 3 and 4, look for this building called Istana Kehakiman (Palace of Justice).
Here's the photo:

Next, you will see a huge parking lot located right next to it.
Here's the photo:
Then, you will reach a traffic light junction. Turn left here.
Here's the photo:

You will see Jabatan Alam Sekitar on your right.
Here's the photo:
Keep on going and you will see another traffic light junction ahead. Go straight. In the next photo, you can already see the apartment. Its the big white one with red roof.
After the traffic light, the apartment will be on your right. But there are no junction in front of it. You have to keep on going and make a U-turn on the traffic light junction about 500 meters ahead.
Here's the photo:

After the U-turn look for this junction. Its called Jalan P18M.  Its located immediately after the apartment. Do not take any other junction other than this one, and I got a good reason for that.
Here's the photo:
Once you take it, you can see the haunted area as posted in these photos.
Here are the photos:

The reason I guide you to this junction is that there are parking lots readily available here. There won't be any lots for visitors if you go straight into the apartment's basement area. If you do find any, it already belongs to someone else. And here, the enforcement of parking space is very strict. If you feel like getting your car clamped and pay a RM50 fine, then go on ahead.

Now, you've got directions. Get your gears and go for it. Make sure you follow the advice on my first post.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands

Its been a while since I last wrote. I've been doing some research and found out that a lot of websites concerning the paranormal in Malaysia contains the same information and content. So, its my assumption that most of these websites copied each other; that's why we can see that its the same thing they are writing about, and at some sites, the owner actually used exactly the same words as the other sites. No, you can't fool me just by translating the sentences to Malay, I can still see that its a direct translation.

But, one other thing that I do notice is that everywhere on the web, Malaysians do talk about this one particular haunted place. Its the Ria Apartment located in Genting Highlands, Pahang. There are so many different encounters and involves a significant number of different people.

Most of the people retell their supernatural experience during their stay at the apartments, usually revolved hearing noises of some group of people having fun in the units they are staying. And also, a few of them actually saw supernatural entities, or so they claimed.

But I did eventually met and talked with someone who experienced it firsthand. She told me that she and some friends stayed at Ria Apartment as a group, at the Pahang Block sometime around 5 years ago. They heard stories before but did not believe any of them.On the first night, some of the group members saw shadows moving in their rooms. And also they thought they heard voices, whispers, very close to them. None of them said anything before they left the apartment for good for fear of spoiling the holiday mood. They only started talking about it on the way down from Genting.

It was the last time any of them stayed there. And whenever any of them would go up to Genting, they felt this bad vibe when they saw that apartment.

We can conclude that this place has a high probability to be extremely haunted. With so many encounters from different sources, there's got to be something horribly wrong about this apartment.

And so begins our journey. For you supernatural hunters out there, this might be the haunting experience you've been looking for. And without the risk of being hurt or mentally disturbed after that.

Well, the reason for me to say that is because I found a place so terrifyingly haunted. It has history of its own for generations, and so many people have been found to be disturbed after staying there. I'm not about to reveal it here, maybe in the next two months or so.

Having said that, have fun at Ria Apartment!!

p.s.: I'm sure you don't need directions to get there, do you?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bukit Travers

The first location that I would show you is one so haunted that the people who lives there consider it a normal routine to actually 'bump' into a supernatural entity every once in a while, let's say; once a month!!

I've never heard a place so scary; I thought that the person who told me was actually just fooling around. Until I met someone who encountered 'something' sinister there, or I would rather say naughty, judging by what 'it' did not very long ago.

My friend was being silly and thought that it would be fun to actually had the experience to see a 'ghost' since she had never saw one before. Her then boyfriend (now her husband) suggested to her to try going to Bukit Travers, he heard a lot of stories about that hill. So, she took with her one of her girlfriends, just as excited as she was, and headed for Bukit Travers.

And she chose a spot in Bukit Travers; a staircase going down from the main road leading to the inner roads of the housing area. It was well over midnight. Her friend waited at the top of the stairs and she waited at the foot of the stairs, about 35 steps below. They didn't have to wait long.

In just fifteen minutes, she saw a lady-like apparition crouching on the gates of one of the houses of that inner road. The apparition did nothing, just crouched there. Then she heard a scream. Something happened to her friend. She ran up the stairs to find her half-stricken friend all white and pale.

They didn't wait any longer. They got to their car and quickly drove off. She asked her friend what happened. Her friend explained that something pulled her hair from behind, but when she looked around she saw nothing.

Well, that was an experience! So, I think its worth a try for you guys out there looking for these 'beings'. Like my friend, she didn't believe in the supernatural, until that night. And the experience is life-changing.

Here, I'm putting up photos of Bukit Travers and how to get there all the way to the staircase where my friend chose to wait.

First, get to Jalan Bangsar. You know, where the Bangsar LRT station is. Head towards the KL, and you will see Travers Police Station on your left. Just before it is a junction leading up the hill. That's the road you should be taking. Here's the photo of the junction:

Go straight, and you can see some nice houses on your right. Here's the photo:

You will reach a small roundabout. Take the first turning at 9 o'clock. Here's the photo:

Then keep on and don't leave the road. You will see a great view of Bangsar on your right in moments. Then watch for this small staircase on your right. Here's the photo:

Here you will see the whole length of the stairs. So, try it out and post your supernatural experience, if any. If you couldn't get any, please do tell me so that I know that its just another fake spot. Here are more photos of that staircase:

If you decided to go for it, please don't forget about what I mentioned in earlier posts; do not go alone, tell someone about where and when you are going and lastly, bring a video recording device.

Good luck!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Fake Sories - Don't fall for those!!

Here are some fake stories, you will hear these stories every now and then, with slight variations and versions but more or less the same.

1- Have you ever heard of the tragic collapse of the building that was known as The Highland Towers? They say that there are ghosts there and you will see them wander around in the middle of the night. I'll tell you what I saw. A bunch of drug addicts getting off in empty rooms. Not to mention countless of couples making out and turning the units in the still standing buildings a safe haven from enforcement officers. Don't waste your time there.

2- The Tambun-Ipoh road. They say you can see an old woman walking alone by the side of the road in the middle of the night. So? There's nothing strange about that.

But if you have a different tale to tell about the above places, feel free to post it here, but make sure you state where and who was involved in your supernatural experience.

Ghosts In Malaysia

Hi! My name is Khalid and I was raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Having lived in a modern city and well away from the rural 'kampungs', I was always very fascinated by stories of the supernatural each time I hear them from my relatives back in my father's hometown during the festive seasons in Tapah.

I guess all of us had heard quite a number of ghost stories but very few actually had, in fact, experienced them first hand.

I made this blog so that we can actually share some of the stories. But I don't think any of us want to hear just another story. So, I want to do this the scientific way and one of the rules of science is that we can achieve the same result after repeating the same experiment using the same methodology, each time.

So, I think you can guess what's coming at you. We need volunteers. As many as possible.

This is how its going to work:

1- I'm going to list down several selected haunted spots, after making some serious background check of a certain urban stories. It can be houses, roads, doors or even a doghouse, as long as there is the possibility of experiencing the supernatural that can be detected strictly by our FIVE senses; see, hear, feel, taste and touch.  (Please take note the number five(5))

2- Volunteers will have the honor to check it out if its true.

3- Then volunteers will be required to give me the details of their experiences, if any, and I will document them, get them posted here, especially how the they did it for the next batch of volunteers to try it out.

See? Its easy! I get the info, you guys experience it. Its simple. But before we start, here are some precautions;

DO NOT ATTEMPT VISITS ALONE. This is f*****g important. I've seen what happened to people who actually got themselves into tight spots trying to prove that they are not afraid of these things. Its not about being afraid, its what happens when you actually had an accident at the haunted spot, and usually its huge deserted empty spot, with a lot of opportunities for you to stumble on something and get seriously hurt and there's no one there to help you. Worse still, supernatural entities start showing up after that...

If you're going with friends, always tell someone else where and when you're going exactly. Just in case...

Please bring a camera, the best would be a video camera with infrared or negative capabilities. I'v seen a footage by someone, an amateur one showing something caught in a bottle (I'm going to find that footage and post it here later), and you can only see it in Negative mode. Try that.

The experience could be so terrifying, it will take years to get over it, sometimes you don't at all. Having that said, make sure you are in the pink of health so that you can run if you need to. And make sure you are not the kind that faints even upon seeing a cat jumping on a mouse. There's a lot of scarier things you will see and hear should you try 'A Visit' (that's what I call it).

I'll be posting a haunted spot for willing volunteers in a day or two. I already have one in mind, but I'm going to make sure the authenticity of the place because I really don't want anybody wasting his or her time.

Good Luck!

p.s.: Don't forget to bookmark this blog so that you can read updates later.