Sunday, February 6, 2011

Presint 18, Putrajaya

This one's pretty interesting. The one who told me about it is my colleague at work in Putrajaya (now I think you can guess my occupation). His experience is very interesting, as much as it is disturbing. He lives alone in a government quarters 18R8 Apartment in Precinct 18 (I'll give directions later).

This is not the first time I heard stories about this apartment. Ever since I've been around Putrajaya 3 years ago some really weird stories have been circulating revolving ghostly sightings, poltergeist phenomenon and other supernatural occurrence.

The first story I heard about this apartment was from a friend of mine who saw an apparition wandering around at night, and as early as 9 pm.

Then I heard about the swings at the children's playground beside the apartment moved on their own, as if there were kids playing them. And the people who saw it could differentiate the movements of the swings by strong winds or by some real weird force at times when there were no wind blowing at all.

But my colleague's story, for me, by far is the most disturbing one. The occurrences first started about a year ago. He went to bed one night and he woke up with his head on the wrong side of the bed. Well, it could have happened subconsciously right? So, he didn't think too much about it.

Then, some weeks later, it happened again. Only this time he woke up in a different room. Now, this started to get real weird. He knows he doesn't sleepwalk. And the door to his room was closed at the time he went to bed. And it was still closed when he woke up.

And then he heard later that these involuntary replacement during sleep also happened to his neighbours, and not only at his floor.

It happened again several times after that. But he just didn't mind it because to him, as long as he's not hurt by these incidents then it should be fine. Well, he hoped that whatever's been moving him about won't throw him off the window. And  its not like he's going to stay there forever.

So, if you decided to take on this apartment, I'll show you how to get there. Firstly, you can get to Putrajaya by either taking the PLUS highway southbound or take the Maju Expressway. Just follow the signboards to get to Putrajaya.

As you approach the city, you will find that the signboards will start showing directions to get to different Precints. Find Precints 2, 3 and/or 4. These three precints are found in one location.

When you get to Precint 2, 3 and 4, look for this building called Istana Kehakiman (Palace of Justice).
Here's the photo:

Next, you will see a huge parking lot located right next to it.
Here's the photo:
Then, you will reach a traffic light junction. Turn left here.
Here's the photo:

You will see Jabatan Alam Sekitar on your right.
Here's the photo:
Keep on going and you will see another traffic light junction ahead. Go straight. In the next photo, you can already see the apartment. Its the big white one with red roof.
After the traffic light, the apartment will be on your right. But there are no junction in front of it. You have to keep on going and make a U-turn on the traffic light junction about 500 meters ahead.
Here's the photo:

After the U-turn look for this junction. Its called Jalan P18M.  Its located immediately after the apartment. Do not take any other junction other than this one, and I got a good reason for that.
Here's the photo:
Once you take it, you can see the haunted area as posted in these photos.
Here are the photos:

The reason I guide you to this junction is that there are parking lots readily available here. There won't be any lots for visitors if you go straight into the apartment's basement area. If you do find any, it already belongs to someone else. And here, the enforcement of parking space is very strict. If you feel like getting your car clamped and pay a RM50 fine, then go on ahead.

Now, you've got directions. Get your gears and go for it. Make sure you follow the advice on my first post.


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