Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ria Apartment, Genting Highlands

Its been a while since I last wrote. I've been doing some research and found out that a lot of websites concerning the paranormal in Malaysia contains the same information and content. So, its my assumption that most of these websites copied each other; that's why we can see that its the same thing they are writing about, and at some sites, the owner actually used exactly the same words as the other sites. No, you can't fool me just by translating the sentences to Malay, I can still see that its a direct translation.

But, one other thing that I do notice is that everywhere on the web, Malaysians do talk about this one particular haunted place. Its the Ria Apartment located in Genting Highlands, Pahang. There are so many different encounters and involves a significant number of different people.

Most of the people retell their supernatural experience during their stay at the apartments, usually revolved hearing noises of some group of people having fun in the units they are staying. And also, a few of them actually saw supernatural entities, or so they claimed.

But I did eventually met and talked with someone who experienced it firsthand. She told me that she and some friends stayed at Ria Apartment as a group, at the Pahang Block sometime around 5 years ago. They heard stories before but did not believe any of them.On the first night, some of the group members saw shadows moving in their rooms. And also they thought they heard voices, whispers, very close to them. None of them said anything before they left the apartment for good for fear of spoiling the holiday mood. They only started talking about it on the way down from Genting.

It was the last time any of them stayed there. And whenever any of them would go up to Genting, they felt this bad vibe when they saw that apartment.

We can conclude that this place has a high probability to be extremely haunted. With so many encounters from different sources, there's got to be something horribly wrong about this apartment.

And so begins our journey. For you supernatural hunters out there, this might be the haunting experience you've been looking for. And without the risk of being hurt or mentally disturbed after that.

Well, the reason for me to say that is because I found a place so terrifyingly haunted. It has history of its own for generations, and so many people have been found to be disturbed after staying there. I'm not about to reveal it here, maybe in the next two months or so.

Having said that, have fun at Ria Apartment!!

p.s.: I'm sure you don't need directions to get there, do you?


  1. Not only is ria haunted, the whole of genting highlands is haunted, especially the casino. Ask all the gamblers who lost money there, they will tell you it's haunted b'cos it's been haunting them since day one when they lost their fortunes there !. Another thing to note, AVOID ROOM 5646 in first World Hotel. Don't ask me why, just avoid staying in it.....remember it's room 5646 !

    1. Kerling kids, may you share why avoid room 5646 in the first world?

    2. Someone actually was murdered there...

  2. I've never heard a place so scary; I thought that the person who told me was actually just fooling around and telling Most Haunted Stories. Until I met someone who encountered 'something' sinister there, or I would rather say naughty, judging by what 'it' did not very long ago.